History of the Rugby Jersey

The origins of this glorious game are dated back to 1823. A young man, by the name of “William Webb Ellis” first ran with a ball at the first known Rugby School. This being the very moment the game was invented .

Over time, with this fast growing action sport, folks discovered that there was a need for a way to tell teams apart. So the first rugby kit was born, paying attention to both the need for comfort and functionality. During this time, the Rugby School was the first known team to play in a kit or uniform, which consisted of long flannels, shirts and caps, being made out of loose-fitting cotton. With time it was learned that this was not the most practical of outfits. Loose fitting items were far too easy to grab on to, giving the defending side an advantage against the attack.

It was finally in 1987 that the very first world cup rugby was held in Auckland, New Zealand. This world cup consisted of 32 matches played from May into June. It was New Zealand who became the very first world cup rugby champs in 1987, defeating France.

Nowadays rugby has taken to being faster, more competitive and a more powerful sport. The Rugby Jersey’s and uniforms you see today, are scientifically designed. With special attention being given to this more modern and dynamic game. The year of 2003 marked a big change for rugby in more ways than one. The first, being a radical facelift, of the Rugby shirt. Growing from loose fitting cottons, It was decided that tight fitting, made from a mixture of cotton and polyester, provided improved sweat control and comfort. Many teams, international teams included, have adopted this style.

From this point we have evolved even further, over the last 11 years, technology has provided a means of bettering the Rugby shirt. Techniques such as dye-sublimation printing, have allowed direct printing onto polyester or other synthetic fabrics. This meaning that rugby shirts can now be customized to your teams’ needs. Giving you the freedom of logos or images, for that individual edge . We at Stud Rugby are familiar with and work with this process. This process permanently dyes the fabric, meaning that the images do not peel or fade, Rugby shirts and Jersey’s can now be washed without damaging the quality of the image. Stud Rugby’s online Kit Designer allows you to create unique kits that really stand out with choices of the full spectrum, from colour to design, collars, number selections and more https://www.studrugby.com/new-website/test/product-category/rugby/ . We are so proud of our new dynamic approach and journey in the sporting world. Stud Rugby looks forward to hearing from all our Rugby fans and our worldwide great teams info@studrugby.com.

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