Design your own Rugby shirt

It all begins with the team.. .. the teams unique look… for the dream!

We, at Stud Rugby, offer the opportunity for you to share in the experience of creating the dream look for your winning team. We thrive on building relationships with our clients and being a part of making your team a success! With the most efficient and dedicated designers, creators, we aim to provide quality and a most excellent service… making Stud Rugby the number one choice in team play.

To begin, lets start by navigating to the design page. Select the type of sport jersey you team is needing, whether it be Rugby or football, we cater for all teams. Once this selection has been made our unique online designer then gets back to you, showing you examples of how you can create a sublimated rugby jersey. If you have better, ‘wackier’ simply just a different design not shown on our custom designer, send us a photo and we can literally re-create ANY design idea you may have. Your imagination is your only limitation!

Here we choose not only design but colour and fit. Together we look at all the specs necessary to complete your winning team. Once all specs are clear and worked out, we then move to production – this stage is our passion and strength!

The Design Process

At Stud Rugby we create our comfortable and stylish through the art and beauty of sublimation. Sublimation is a method of applying a printed design idea ‘onto’ the garment. It’s an extreme heat and pressure transfer that takes the design from specialized paper to the surface of the fabric. With sublimation only moisture management fabrics are used, guaranteeing only the best quality. The added bonus is that the garment doesn’t fade or tear and you can achieve extreme clarity with your design and colour logos. It keeps the rugby jersey light without impacting your performance on the rugby field. As sublimation is a once off process you can add as many different logos and add as many different colours as you like to the garment, it’s all included! If you want numbers these are also added at the time of sublimation all in inclusive in the price. We use this tasteful and quality Sublimation process on all the sports gear that we manufacture…cricket, rugby, soccer, cycling, hockey etc.

The next stage is to have our cutting department cut all the panels created by our pattern room. Once these plain panels are cut they are then sent to the sublimation plant. Our designer has pre – prepared the design of the rugby shirt and layouts for sublimation (these special layouts have seam allowances etc)

Once the rugby panels are printed to the shirts in our sublimation plant, they are then taken to the sewing department. With close attention paid to all detail followed by quality checks, the shirts and sports gear are then sent to the QC department. To complete the process, the shirts and then boxed and ready to ship to clients in all far reaching corners of the globe.

We invite you to start designing your custom team wear now.

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