De Keur (South Africa)


The De Keur rugby team comes from a farming area outside Ceres in the Western Cape. Sport and recreation play an important part in the social lives of those living in the farming community. Various teams are sponsored from each production unit to participate in the local football, rugby, netball and cricket leagues. De Keur Estate (Pty) Ltd has a scholarship plan in place for the children of employees who wish to further their studies at university. Their proudest export in this regard is Breyton Paulse, one of the most-loved South African rugby players who played 64 matches for the Springboks and grew up on the original De Keur estate.

The rugby team from De Keur play by the following motto and great words of wisdom once mentioned by Nelson Mandela “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

Stud Rugby manufactured the entire range of kit for these guys and are hoping to extend the product range to include Golf shirts for their supporters.

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