Bulletjie Rugby Jersey


Akademie Reformer is an independent combined school who play in the Bulletjie’s Rugby League.  Fifteen man rugby is too complicated and also too dangerous for young rugby fanatics. Bulletjie Rugby is easy to play and coach but still consists of many of the key elements of normal 15 man rugby.  It’s a great way to not scare off the young players and it also develops them within the rules.  Our most popular styles or fits of jerseys are our Slim Fit patterns as the very tight Fitting Everest type of fabric is not suitable for these young players.

In terms of collar options, we find that the Mandarin or loop neck options work well with this age group as there is enough allowance for the head size.  With our round neck or one point collar options if we were to make allowance for the size of these young players head, we would need to compromise the construction of the collars.

Akademie Reformer went with a loop neck custom designed shirt.  Feel free to complete the contact us form and one of our sales team will be in touch to discuss the options with you.

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