Bringing the fun… to your team… with Stud Rugby!!!

One of our fast growing personal favorites, at Stud Rugby, is our stag party service. Yes that right…. We supply fun… quirky and even embarrassing team gear for Stag Parties.


A stag party is aimed at being the event that embarrasses the groom to be…. for years to come. Choosing the option of stag party rugby jerseys, is sure to enhance the fun and add to that embarrassment factor. Add that extra magic to the evening, by making the him to be…. wear something absolutely ridiculous. Stag party rugby jerseys are just a great extra to bring the groomsmen together, bringing in that POW factor, with character. Stud Rugby, stag party Rugby Jerseys, add the fuel for a crazy night out on the town. With your choice of any character you boys choose to be!

Embarrassing someone, other than yourself, Seems to be the name of the game when it comes to stag parties. With Stud Rugby, stag party rugby jerseys, you can ensure that he stays red-faced throughout the night (and not just from the drinking)

A few ideas to add to your night, along with your Stud Rugby stag party Jersey!

  • Use saucy words or spicier language to describe the soon to be groom on these stag party rugby jerseys.
  • “Soon to be attached to the ball and chain” and you could also use a ball and chain as a design or attach a ball and chain to the foot of the celebrated groom.
  • Put an embarrassing picture, of the groom, on his rugby jersey.

Of course, if you really want to embarrass a groom, with a Stud Rugby stag party jersey, you might want to be a bit more creative and include dares on the rugby jersey. The objective of these printed dares, would need to be completed by the end of the night  when it comes to the creating, the possibilities are limitless. Get your creative juices flowing and round it all off by bringing your creative.. fun… happy…. To the stag party… with Stud Rugby!

Stag party rugby jerseys, create a fun and festive evening for everyone. The stag party jerseys add that extra something special to a great night, leaving all with a good dose of play and a memorable rugby jersey to take home.

A short note from our Stag Party Guys:

“I am best man for the gent in the dress (sat down, with his herd surrounding him). His surname is Herd, which gave me the idea of ‘Herdy’s Herd’ so a quick email to Kirsten at Stud Rugby and a few weeks later I had signed off the design and the shirts were being printed. Before you know they have been delivered and the excitement is building. We all travelled to Malaga (in Spain) and I waited until ‘the night of the stag’ to reveal both what we all had to wear and what the stag had to wear. The shirts couldn’t have worked better, and to top it off we found a back drop of a cow inside one of the local pubs!”

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