Beach Rugby Shirt


The beach rugby shirt, is another example of an Hawaiian print inspired rugby shirt. If you are having a set of shirts manufactured for your rugby tour that is being held somewhere in Summer then this design option is for you. Stud Rugby can custom manufacture you any Hawaiian print that you like, these are just examples of what can be done.

Beach rugby is becoming a very popular sport and there are lots of beach rugby festivals being played across the globe. Stud Rugby has been in the rugby team wear industry for over a decade and many different varieties of Hawaiian print shirts have come through our production line. We can customise the print in ANY colour or in any specific print. If this design interests you then complete our Get a quote form and one of our sales team members will get on the blower and help you bring a touch of Hawaii to the pitch.

We’ve also manufactured sets of Hawaiian print vests, Golf shirts and Warm Up tee’s so get in touch and we’ll bring out the Magnum PI in you.

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