Delivery Details

Where do we deliver?

Stud Rugby is based in Cape Town, South Africa and has been in the team wear industry for more than a decade.  The company was initially set up as a website to provide the interface for international clients seeking good quality bespoke rugby kit at a competitive price.  South Africa is one of the World Leaders in the game of Rugby and this, together with a great textile manufacturing stronghold we decided to export to the international market.  Over the years Stud Rugby has kitted out teams from across Europe including  Belgium, Holland, Italy, France, Sweden through to the Middle East where we have clients based in Doha, Dubai and other parts of Qatar.  Many of our clients are based in the United Kingdom and we have delivered rugby kit to teams based out of London as well and other rugby playing counties and towns.  Stud Rugby is also a proud supplier of rugby kit across the USA and we have clients based along the East, West and Central America.  There are over one thousand listed rugby clubs in the United States and the game of rugby is growing in popularity especially as it’s now considered an Olympic sport.


Our promise

The main reason for Stud Rugby having so many International clients is that our currency, the ZAR is traditional very weak against all other major currencies.  The strongest currencies being the US$, the GBP pound and the EURO.  With this in mind, when we quote to our foreign customers we find that even including our door to door International delivery service we are extremely price competitive.   We export on a weekly basis to these countries and so without the luxury of face to face meetings it’s crucial that our delivery deadlines and service is top class.   Stud Rugby understands the importance of International standards and what is involved in competing on a global scale.  Please visit our testimonial’s page where it’s listed exactly which different countries our clients hail from and you can see exactly how many satisfied customers we have from all major rugby playing continents of the world.