#Studfamily – it’s the latest buzz.   We are in search of the ultimate stud pic, and so it’s COMPETITION TIME.

We’re giving away FREE custom kit, delivered to your door to the value of R10 000!  Sounds interesting?


You’re in luck as we’ve decided to make this prize as FLEXIBLE as the creative ideas that you can come up with.  You can choose either of these options (we will present these options to the winners at the end of the competition):

  • Set of 22 Rugby shirts
  • 25 Polo golf shirts
  • 30 Warm up vests
  • 30 Supporter T shirts

We’ve got your covered.  In fact, if nothing on the list above appeals to you how about donating the prize and sponsoring a team less fortunate than yourself?

Now is your chance…..


Each month until the end of November 2016, we’ll be announcing our Stud of the month winning pic. These Studly photos will be profiled on our Facebook and Twitter pages and your fans/friends and families will have a chance to vote who WINS THE FREE CUSTOM KIT. The photo with the most number of likes and shares will be the winner, so it’s a simple case of the more you & your friends like & share, the higher your chance of receiving R10 000 worth of free kit.


  • Simply fill out the competition form below and insert your Stud Photo
  • Our sales team will post the photo on Stud Rugby’s twitter and facebook page
  • Once your cool competition photo has been loaded, we will send you an email confirming that your photo has been entered and you will then have the chance to share and like your photo. The more you & your friends like & share, the bigger your chance is of winning
  • Winners will be notified on the 30th of November 2016 by Stud Rugby


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